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Can dayparting maximize your Amazon PPC success?

Can dayparting maximize your Amazon PPC success?

Xmars team

Amazon PPC Dayparting is a useful strategy for sellers aiming to optimize their advertising on Amazon's platform. It involves adjusting ad bids based on the time of day or week, aligning your advertising efforts with when your target audience is most active and likely to engage with your products. This strategy is about being present at the right moment, maximizing visibility and efficiency.

Understanding dayparting in Amazon PPC

Dayparting in Amazon PPC is similar to scheduling your ads to appear at specific 'parts' of the day. It's based on the premise that customer behavior and engagement levels vary throughout the day. For instance, certain products may see more interest during morning hours, while others might have higher engagement in the evening. By adjusting your bids to these patterns, you can ensure your ads are more visible during peak times, potentially leading to higher conversion rates and better use of your advertising budget.

The Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) metric in Amazon PPC is a helpful indicator of your advertising spend efficiency. ACOS is influenced by the Cost Per Click (CPC), which isn't constant throughout the day. Understanding the fluctuations in CPC and adjusting your bids accordingly can help maintain a healthy ACOS. For example, if CPCs are lower at night and your product appeals to late-night shoppers, increasing your bids during these hours can be a strategic move.

What role does Amazon Marketing Stream play?

Amazon Marketing Stream which was introduced in 2022, provides hourly performance data, offering a granular view of how your campaigns perform throughout the day. This level of detail is invaluable for dayparting, as it allows you to identify trends and patterns in consumer behavior.  

By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions on when to increase or decrease your bids, aligning your ad spend with times of high customer engagement and seeing how your campaigns performed throughout the day. 

How do I get started with tailoring my dayparting strategies?

The optimal times for ad exposure vary depending on your product category and target audience. For example, products geared towards morning routines, like breakfast foods or morning workout gear, may perform better in the early hours. On the other hand, entertainment-related products or relaxing items might see more engagement during evening hours. Analyzing your specific audience and product trends will help you develop an effective dayparting strategy that is geared toward your specific brand and product needs.  

Encountering bumps and roadblocks in your PPC dayparting is not uncommon. Yet, the most common mistake that is generally encountered is running out of budget. Budget management is a critical aspect of dayparting. Avoid exhausting your budget too early in the day, as CPCs often decrease towards the evening. This decrease presents an opportunity for more cost-effective advertising. Staying within budget during peak hours ensures you can capitalize on these lower-cost opportunities.

Tip: Be thorough about analyzing your Amazon Marketing Stream data and most of all, stay within your daily budget by either raising your daily budget, or lowering your bids! 

Amazon's dayparting features

Amazon's Ad Console introduced a dayparting feature in 2023, providing some level of bid scheduling. However, this tool doesn't allow for automatic bid decreases, a limitation for those seeking a dynamic dayparting strategy. Third-party tools often provide more comprehensive features, including the ability to both increase and decrease bids based on real-time data.

How important is time to conversion in PPC dayparting?

Time to Conversion varies across products and indicates how long it takes for a customer to make a purchase after seeing your ad. Products with a short Time to Conversion might benefit from aggressive bidding during specific high-engagement hours, while products with a longer Time to Conversion might require a more nuanced approach, considering the delayed nature of the purchasing decision.

While hourly-level data is useful, consider looking at multiple days or weeks of data by the hour to identify patterns in ACOS. Looking at a single day could easily skew the results due to delayed attribution.

Advanced services and tools for dayparting

Enhancing your dayparting strategy can be achieved with advanced Amazon Advertising services and tools like Xmars.

Xmars offers AI-driven optimization, predictive hourly bidding, and sophisticated keyword analysis to help in fine-tuning your campaigns for timing, efficiency, and effectiveness, ensuring that your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

  • Predictive hourly bidding: Leverages AI to predict the most effective bidding strategies at different times, allowing automated adjustments to match peak and off-peak hours.
  • Automated keyword harvesting and negating: Effective dayparting also involves targeting the right keywords at the right times. Xmars automates keyword harvesting and negating, ensuring that your ads are not only displayed at the optimal times but also reach the most relevant audience.  
  • Budget auto-balancing: The AI-driven budget allocation prevents overspending during low-performance periods and optimizes spending during high-traffic times, ensuring a balanced and effective use of resources throughout the day.
  • AI-piloted campaigns: Utilizing data models, these campaigns predict and adjust performance in real-time. This continual optimization aligns with dayparting strategies, improving sales and lowering the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS).
  • Integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud: Xmars leverages its integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to provide advertisers with detailed hourly performance data. This access to granular Amazon data allows for more informed campaign decisions and deeper insights, enhancing overall advertising effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

Amazon PPC dayparting emerges as a primary strategy for sellers looking to maximize their advertising potential on Amazon. By aligning ad bids with the varying activity levels of your target audience throughout the day, this approach ensures that your advertising is not only efficient but also strategically timed for maximum impact.  

The use of tools like Amazon Marketing Stream and advanced services such as Xmars enhances this strategy by providing detailed insights into consumer behavior, sophisticated bid management, and AI-driven campaign optimization. Whether it's through predictive hourly bidding, automated keyword targeting, budget auto-balancing, or leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud data, these tools empower sellers with the ability to fine-tune their advertising efforts.

Discover more about our Amazon Advertising and AMC Solutions or contact Our team for a comprehensive breakdown of how Xmars can specifically benefit your brand and product needs!

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