Maximize client success

Drive efficiency and flexibility in campaign management

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Deliver consistent performance

Ensure reliable campaign performance, helping agencies achieve their clients' marketing goals.

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Transparent and customizable AI

Build client trust with transparent AI ad operations and flexible campaign solutions tailored to specific client needs.

Flexible campaign management

Take control of your campaigns with flexible management options: Xmars AI Copilot, rules-based automation, or manual setup.

AI Optimization
Rules-based automation
Manual campaign creation

Let Xmars AI Copilot steer your campaigns with optimized bidding, budgeting, targeting, and structure for maximum impact.

Set custom rules for automated adjustments, including bids, budgets, targeting, and ad structure based on your unique goals.

Take complete control over every aspect of your campaigns with manual setup and adjustments.

Offer next-level analytics and activation

Unlock next-level insights with Xmars, using AMC for granular audience and first-party data, and AMS for detailed hourly performance, to optimize your campaigns.

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Amplify reach and sales

Reach new audiences on and off Amazon, at every stage of the funnel with Amazon DSP ads.

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Enhance stakeholder visiblity

Provide clear insights through customizable dashboards and scheduled reports, facilitating better communication and strategic alignment with stakeholders.

Report settings
Schedule settings
Data range settings

Customize reports based on performance, conversion, and video metrics.

Schedule reports to be sent on a recurring basis, as a one-time delivery, or immediately.

Select your preferred date ranges for reporting data, based on campaign type and custom filters.

Gain competitive insights

Xmars empowers agencies with competitive insights—covering product targeting, pricing, ratings, 
and brand distribution—enabling client success on Amazon ad campaigns.

Improve efficiency

Enable agency staff to save time, increase productivity and improve service delivery.

"The breadth of tools in Xmars gives us greater control over all our strategies, enabling us to spend more time strategically thinking about accounts instead of getting bogged down in details."

— Drew Hart, Agency Strategist
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