Greenworks achieves 20% growth with full-funnel Amazon Ads

improvement in eCPDPV
growth in branded searches
Increase in NTB customers


Greenworks, a leading manufacturer of outdoor and indoor battery-powered tools for consumers and professionals, faced stagnant sales growth and needed a strategy to unlock new customer segments and efficiently drive brand awareness. With a strict marketing budget, reallocating resources effectively was difficult, and justifying investments in upper funnel media efforts posed an additional challenge.

To address these issues, they partnered with Xmars to implement a full-funnel Amazon Advertising strategy, leveraging a combination of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Hub, Amazon DSP display and video ads (OLV & STV), and Sponsored Products & Brands.


The primary objective was to unlock AMC attribution insights and target high-value audiences at every stage of the funnel, helping Greenworks:  

  • Achieve 10% Amazon sales growth YoY: Break through the growth stagnation and drive sales growth compared to the previous year with a flat budget.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of DSP video ads: Assess the effectiveness of OLV and STV video formats to drive awareness, consideration, and ultimately, sales.


Xmars utilized AMC Hub's nine pre-built models to help Greenworks gain deep customer behavior insights and optimize campaigns quickly. We tracked user journeys from awareness to conversion using full-funnel analytics to understand ad effectiveness at each stage. Various attribution models, including Path-to-Conversion, Overlap Analysis, and Multi-Touch Attribution, were employed to analyze the contribution of different touchpoints to conversions and allocate budgets effectively.

In addition, we implemented a comprehensive strategy using various Amazon Ads solutions to help Greenworks achieve its growth objectives:

  • Amazon DSP STV & OLV video ads: Increased reach and brand awareness through high-impact video ads across various open exchanges, Amazon Publisher Direct, and preferred private marketplace deals inventory.
  • DSP on and off-Amazon display: Employed sequential creative remarketing strategies to reach previously video exposed shoppers with lower-cost display ad impressions.
  • Sponsored Products & Brands: Maintained an "always-on" presence to ensure continuous product visibility and capture high-intent traffic.
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud: Leveraged granular full-funnel analytics data to optimize strategies and drive business impact.


In summary, the full-funnel campaign delivered significant improvements for Greenworks:

  • Clicks: Increased by over 15% with similar increases in CTR and decrease in eCPC.
  • DPV (detailed page views): Over 17% increase with improved eCPDPV efficiency.
  • Branded searches: Over 20% increase with improved eCPBS efficiency.
  • NTB (new-to-brand) customers: Grew by over 10%, expanding customer base.
  • ATL (add-to-list): Increased by over 15%, indicating future purchase intent.
  • ROAS: Over 10% increase, demonstrating campaign profitability.
"Partnering with Xmars was the turning point. Their full-funnel strategy, including impactful placements like Amazon DSP video, proved to be the key. The results speak for themselves: double-digit growth in both sales and return on ad spend (ROAS). Xmars transformed our Amazon advertising into a powerful growth engine."
- Jimmy Jun, Amazon Advertising Lead, Greenworks

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