Xmars wins Amazon Ads Partner Award in Technology Innovation 🎉!
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Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Managed Services

Reach new audiences on and off Amazon, at every stage of the funnel with Amazon DSP ads, delivered by the leading provider of full-service Amazon DSP advertising.

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Maximize Campaign Performance

Unlock the power of programmatic Amazon advertising to develop highly effective campaign strategies. Our comprehensive optimization techniques are designed to maximize campaign performance and help you achieve your desired business objectives through strategic media activation.

Expansive Reach & Granular Targeting

Utilizes Amazon's vast ad inventory reach across Amazon exclusive owned & operated(O&O), Amazon Publisher Direct (APD), open exchange, and private marketplace deals (PMP)

Sophisticated audience segmentation and targeting capabilities span demographic, behavioral, and contextual for precise targeting

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Custom Audiences with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Gain in-depth visibility into the customer shopping  journey, end-to-end performance measurement, and make more data-driven decisions using Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Shopper-level insights including journey analysis, branded search keywords, audience profiles, etc.

Create unique, no-code AMC Custom Audiences (ATL, ATC, keyword searches) to activate in DSP

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Performance Measurement

Centralized, high-frequency and multi-channel campaign reporting across spend, consideration and conversions

Detailed, full funnel and high-fidelity performance reporting through pre-built, one-click AMC models automatically updating monthly in Xmars

Include detail page view rate (DPVR), add to list (ATL) counts, new-to-brand (NTB) metrics, reach, frequency, and third-party measurement solutions

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Expertise that goes beyond just running campaigns

  • As one of the top providers of Amazon DSP services, our teams know how to deliver value through your DSP investments
  • Attract new customers, increase engagement, or optimize for specific reach through our team's advanced audience creating and targeting strategies
  • Full-service DSP to research, plan, develop, and implement Amazon DSP campaigns that are next level