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Grow Your Sales Without Guesswork

Boost Product Sales
Enhance Brand Visibility
Simplify Campaign Management

Effortless Campaign Creation— In Seconds

Elevate your advertising strategy by harnessing the power of Xmars’ AI Smart Creation feature:

  • Build comprehensive campaigns featuring personalized settings, optimized for your specific advertising goals.
  • Leverage advanced targeting tools to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience.
  • Increase the likelihood of conversions while maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Gain the Competitive Edge with On-Demand Category Analysis

Xmars' Product Analysis feature offers invaluable insights into your competitors' advertising strategies and performance:

  • Understand how your storefront ranks across Brand SOV, Price Distribution, Star Rating, and Rating Volume.
  • Effortlessly analyze performance trends across Sales, Spend, ROAS, TACOS, and more.
  • Enable AI campaign optimization, based on real-time data, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce advertising.

Optimize with Confidence Using AI Action Summaries

Our AI Action Summaries offer real-time data, providing transparency into your implemented campaign strategy:

  • Review the AI’s performance on crucial metrics like Budget & Bid Dayparting, Keyword Harvesting & Negation, Rapid Testing, Budget & Bid Optimization, and more.
  • Drill-down into campaign-specific reporting and easily implement bulk operations to adjust your strategy.
  • Save hundreds of hours, as Xmars’ AI delivers actionable optimization recommendations across Targeting, Budgets, and Bids.

Explore our Highlighted Case Studies and Learn How Sellers Leverage Xmars for Success

Advertising Solutions that Scale with your Business Needs

Tailored to meet your evolving business needs, Xmars offers a variety of Amazon-related solutions designed for advertisers of every size—no matter your marketing budget.

Dedicated Support and Expert Guidance

At Xmars, we understand the importance of personalized support and guidance. Our dedicated team of E-Commerce Advertising experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to our  support team for strategic recommendations, meticulous campaign optimizations, and continuous assistance to ensure you achieve your advertising goals.

See Why Leading Brands on Amazon Are Using Xmars:

“We have been using Xmars for almost a year, and it has been very helpful for us to observe and analyze the investment of advertising costs and to refine our data, resulting in significant savings in advertising expenses.”

“It is very easy to see the changes in advertising data, right down to the ad type level. We can monitor changes in sales and order volume anytime and anywhere, and the charts are also very intuitive, which helps us with data analysis.”

“Data visualization is very convenient, clearly displaying trends in advertising metrics and comparisons with historical data. In addition, the monthly updated AMC data is helpful for us to make strategic decisions.”

“Xmars has improved our advertising analysis efficiency and effectively helped us identify problems in our ad spend. At the same time, the rich data allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of our audience and how to optimize accordingly.”

“The features and data are quite comprehensive, with intuitive selection of different advertising data. Reporting updates are timely and the platform is reliable.”

“Xmars is an intelligent advertising platform with an easy to use interface and clear data analysis, making it a good ad management solution. It also provides third-party data to give us a hollistic view of our business.”

“The interface is beautifully designed, with intuitive data that allows us to view advertising spend and performance data of each strategy at any time.”

“Overall, Xmars user experience is quite impressive. The data presentation is easily understandable through charts and the modules are both clear and user-friendly. Additionally, the multi-dimensional data insights provided by AMC are instrumental in enhancing brand peformance.”

“Using Audience Segment Insights with Xmars' guidance opened up new doors for us. We're uncovering valuable audiences that had previously been off our radar. It's not just about more reach, but smarter reach. This has reshaped how we view our advertising strategy, giving us more confidence for the future.”

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