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How Orolay Achieved a 13.5% Purchase Rate Boost with AMC

How we Succeeded

Challenge Sales

New eyewear seller struggled generating the flywheel effect and converting shoppers. Sales were minimal and their products didn’t have enough reviews to warrant aggressive spend.


Increase sales while reducing ad spend.


  1. Identified a moderately aggressive promotion to offset the lack of reviews
  2. Utilizing single-ASIN ad groups and the separation of match-types by campaigns, deployed a precision-driven strategy that applied learnings from harvesting tactics
  3. Leveraged Xmars rules and dayparting to reduce waste and maximize efficiency throughout the day


The Challenge

Orolay, a prominent apparel brand renowned for its affordable fashion, high-quality materials, and creative style faced a two-fold challenge. Firstly, they wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey across multiple devices and inventory sources, and secondly, they aimed to assess the efficiency of media touchpoints to improve their path to conversion. There was also an interest in understanding the role of ad exposure timing on the conversion process.


Orolay set clear objectives to resolve their challenges:

  1. Deeply analyze and streamline the customer journey across various devices and inventory sources.
  2. Identify the impact of ad exposure timing on the conversion path.
  3. Determine the most effective media combination for efficient budget allocation.

Strategy and Solution

To provide robust solutions to these challenges, we deployed Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to delve deeper into the customer journey by leveraging the privacy-safe and dedicated cloud-based environment provided by AMC to conduct a comprehensive study.

Firstly, we analyzed the brand’s Sponsored Products (SP) campaigns and Amazon DSP campaigns, placing an emphasis on the stages of customer consideration and conversion. The evaluation involved meticulously tracking customer interactions with the brand's offerings through multiple devices and inventory sources.

By employing Xmars’ proprietary modeling solutions for an extensive study on media attribution, our team dissected vital touchpoints that customers interacted with, the sequence of these interactions and the combination of media that led to conversions. The goal was to discover the most efficient media blend that could guide resource allocation decisions. Additionally, the team wanted to understand if the timing of ad exposure played a role in influencing the customer's journey to conversion. They closely studied and interpreted the interaction data based on the time of ad exposure to draw correlations with conversion rates. Key strategies implemented included:

  • Combined Media Strategy: Upon discovering that customers exposed to multiple media touchpoints were 23 times more likely to purchase than those reached by Sponsored Products alone, a combined media strategy was deployed leveraging both Amazon DSP and Sponsored Products.
  • Funnel Adjustment: After finding that audiences exposed to upper-funnel tactics and then a Sponsored Products ad showed a 4 times higher purchase rate, the team readjusted their marketing funnel to emphasize early-stage customer engagement.
  • Ad Scheduling Optimization: A clear downtrend in performance was noticed after 9 p.m., prompting a revision of the ad scheduling strategy to capitalize on peak performance times.
  • Budget Reallocation: Based on the collected insights, Orolay decided to reallocate their budget - shifting 16% from Sponsored Products to Amazon DSP during their peak season in 2022.

The Results

The implementation of these data-driven strategies resulted in considerable performance improvements. From one quarter to the other, Orolay witnessed a 7% rise in the total new-to-brand purchase rate, where the overall purchase rate increased by 13.5%. Furthermore, the DOTD (Deal of the Day) CPDPV (cost per detail pageview) performance saw a 300% improvement compared to the previous year.

“It was a big challenge for us to attribute sales to brand marketing investment. AMC empowered cross-channel attribution in a very distinct way, helping us make more scientific decisions on brand promotion. In addition, AMC allowed us to gain valuable insights into our customers’ purchasing habits and to make more confident, insight-based media planning.”— Felix Fu, Orolay Exclusive Director

This case effectively demonstrates the power of robust data analytics in devising and refining online marketing strategies. Visit our DSP and AMC solutions pages to find out how Xmars can help you grow your business!


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