Drive productivity and market growth

Unlock full-funnel growth with AI-powered campaigns.

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Optimize every stage of the funnel

Gain a deep understanding of your ad performance at every stage of the customer journey with Xmars' advanced Amazon Marketing Cloud analytics.

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Stay ahead with market insights

Access key benchmark and performance metrics against industry standards to make more informed advertising decisions.

Flexible campaign structure

Harness AI-powered flexibility: From single ASIN to managed group campaigns with diverse ad types for your clients.

Ad structure flexibility
Managed group options

Structure campaigns the way you want, from single ASIN campaigns to a group of managed campaigns.

Easily create a managed group with different ad types, including Amazon Sponsored Ad and DSP campaigns.

Boost efficiency with customizable AI

User-friendly dashboards and comprehensive analytics, turning data into actionable insights to make quick, informed decisions.

Save time and enhance productivity with Xmars' powerful tools, while tailoring AI Copilot to fit your unique business needs for superior campaign performance.

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Dominate your category

Secure optimal brand presence and product visibility by securing top ad placements with features like Lock Ad Placement, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

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Enhance stakeholder visibility

Provide clear insights through customizable dashboards and scheduled reports, facilitating better communication and strategic alignment with stakeholders.

Report settings
Schedule settings
Data range settings

Report settings: Customize reports based on performance, conversions, and video metrics.

Schedule reports to be sent on a recurring basis, as a one-time delivery, or immediately.

Select your preferred date ranges for reporting data, based on campaign type and custom filters.

What brands say about us

At Greenworks, we needed a strategic partner who understood our goals and shared the commitment to execute those goals. Xmars’ full-funnel strategy, including impactful placements like Amazon DSP video, proved to be the key. The results speak for themselves: double-digit growth in sales and ROAS. Xmars transformed our Amazon advertising into a powerful growth engine.

Jimmy Jun
Amazon Advertising Lead, Greenworks

The features and data are quite comprehensive, with intuitive selection of different advertising data. Reporting updates are timely and the platform is reliable.

Advertising Operations Manager

It was a big challenge for us to attribute sales to brand marketing investment. AMC empowered cross-channel attribution in a very distinct way, helping us make more scientific decisions on brand promotion. In addition, AMC allowed us to gain valuable insights into our customers’ purchasing habits and to make more confident, insight-based media planning.

Felix Fu
Director, Orolay

Xmars has been a game-changer for Goal Zero. After struggling with previous agencies to achieve our target ROAS, Xmars not only helped us reach it but surpassed expectations, elevating our TROAS by an impressive 80% from a monthly average below 5 to 9. Their pre-built AMC Hub models were instrumental in streamlining the analysis process.

Jesse Nuttall
Head of E-Commerce at Goal Zero

Data visualization is very convenient, clearly displaying trends in advertising metrics and comparisons with historical data. In addition, the monthly updated AMC data is helpful for us to make strategic decisions.

Director of E-commerce US

We have been using Xmars for almost a year, and it has been very helpful for us to observe and analyze the investment of advertising costs and to refine our data, resulting in significant savings in advertising expenses.

Director of E-commerce

With the help of AMC Audiences, we can reach bulk-order buyers, stimulate repurchases, and enhance advertising efficiency further. We eagerly anticipate further applications of this feature to drive more growth and success at our company

Art Supply Brand

The interface is beautifully designed, with intuitive data that allows us to view advertising spend and performance data of each strategy at any time.

Amazon Ads Marketing Manager

It is very easy to see the changes in advertising data, right down to the ad type level. We can monitor changes in sales and order volume anytime and anywhere, and the charts are also very intuitive, which helps us with data analysis.

Amazon Sales Manager

Using Audience Segment Insights with Xmars' guidance opened up new doors for us. We're uncovering valuable audiences that had previously been off our radar. It's not just about more reach, but smarter reach. This has reshaped how we view our advertising strategy, giving us more confidence for the future.

Stella He
Digital Sales Director, Jackery USA

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