Accelerate Walmart growth with automated ads

Unlock the full potential of your Walmart advertising with Xmars. Our extensive data integration enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of Sponsored Products (SP) and Sponsored Brands ads, driving growth and maximizing your advertising potential with smarter ads.

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Automated campaign management

Intelligently create and manage campaigns based on your set goals, budget allocation, targeting, and bid recommendations. Optimize your Walmart ads with:

Rule-based optimization: Automate bid adjustments and budget allocations for continuous improvement.

Dayparting: Adjust bids based on time slots for peak performance.

Campaign creation and editing: Seamlessly set up and modify campaigns with expert-guided strategies.

Deeper insights,

better outcomes

Utilize multidimensional analysis, integrating log-level ad reporting, store performance, and industry benchmarks to guide next steps in optimization. Achieve expansive reach and precise targeting with:

Comprehensive data analysis: Gain insights from detailed reporting and industry benchmarks. 

Granular targeting: Fine-tune your targeting strategies for maximum impact.

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Reach more,
target precisely

Start effortlessly and scale your Walmart Ads with complete control. Automate every scenario with bid, budget, and dayparting rules:

Expert-crafted strategies: Begin with proven strategies for success. 

Full automation control: Scale and automate with precise control over bid, budget, and dayparting rules.

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