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Unlock Insights on Amazon Marketing Cloud with Xmars AMC Hub

Unleash actionable insights into the customer journey and maximize campaign impact. Xmars AMC Hub features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, no-code pre-built models, and custom audience creation.

“It was a big challenge for us to attribute sales to brand marketing investment. AMC empowered cross-channel attribution in a very distinct way, helping us make more scientific decisions on brand promotion."

“With the help of AMC Audiences, we can reach bulk-order buyers, stimulate repurchases, and enhance advertising efficiency further. We eagerly anticipate further applications of this feature to drive more growth and success at our company”

“This is an excellent case on how low-price brands can capture opportunities for business growth using actionable insights. SparkX will use AMC Audiences to build more customized use cases and to help more advertisers expand and succeed.”

“Using Audience Segment Insights with Xmars' guidance opened up new doors for us. We're uncovering valuable audiences that had previously been off our radar. It's not just about more reach, but smarter reach. This has reshaped how we view our advertising strategy, giving us more confidence for the future.”

Finally, get the answers without the hassle

Get the complete attribution picture, from the first impression to purchase with just a single click and further customize models with drag and drop functionality.

What is the conversion rate of my advertising campaigns on Amazon?

How long does it take for customers to make a purchase after being exposed to an ad?

How many new-to-brand customers are being discovered through my Sponsored Products campaigns?

Drag-and-Drop Models for Effortless Insights

Xmars AMC Hub streamlines AMC data extraction, eliminating tedious tasks such as SQL query writing and result validation.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, there's no need for complex coding. See the full attribution journey from first impression to purchase in a click, and refine your analytical models seamlessly using dimensional data inputs.

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Pre-Built AMC Models at Your Fingertips

Access pre-built, no code AMC models with Xmars AMC Hub’s Model Builder feature.

  • One-Click Access: Six pre-built models available for instant access, updated monthly automatically.
  • No SQL Queries:  Say goodbye to manual steps. Xmars AMC Hub automates the process, eliminating the need to frame hypotheses, write SQL queries, validate results, and visualize data separately.
  • Enhance Ad Campaigns: Leverage proven models to optimize ads while gaining valuable guidance based on data insights for better campaign performance.

No-Code Custom Audience Creation

Xmars AMC Hub’s Audience Creation feature helps you craft customized audience groups in a matter of minutes.

  • Target audiences who are most inclined to purchase your products, improving  conversion rates and marketing ROI.
  • Create customized audience groups using in-depth behavioral insights.
  • Utilize seven pre-designed templates to streamline the process of custom audience creation.
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Delivered by the experts of the leading AMC Partner

Unlock advanced insights in discovering efficiency and value of advertising campaigns:

  • Delivered by the most experienced team of Amazon Data Experts
  • Over 30 types of insights through customized algorithms and machine learning models to gain actionable insights from AMC instances
  • Incorporate proprietary first party data from direct customer buying

How does Xmars AMC Hub give your Amazon Advertising an edge?

Explore common questions about AMC and AMC Hub—Understand how AMC Hub transforms your Amazon marketing campaigns.

What is AMC?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is Amazon Advertising's robust analytics tool. It offers advertisers deep insights into campaign results, audience interactions, and product performance. With AMC, marketers can hone strategies, fine-tune campaigns, and make data-driven choices. It provides access to a wealth of data, from retail to audience metrics, enabling tailored reports and visualizations to spot trends and opportunities. See more details at Amazon Marketing Cloud.

What can Xmars AMC Hub do?

The Xmars AMC Hub simplifies the analysis of AMC data for brands and agencies by eliminating technical hurdles. Its intuitive, no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows users to craft custom AMC models swiftly, facilitating more informed advertising choices.

How does Xmars AMC Hub stand out from existing alternatives?

Unlike other solutions available, Xmars AMC Hub offers a unique self-service, drag-and-drop interface tailored for AMC data analysis.

How can customers access or use Xmars AMC Hub?

To utilize Xmars AMC Hub, customers must have an AMC instance set up by Amazon. For further clarity and details, you can reach out to info@xmars.com.

I'm not confident about analyzing AMC data independently. Do you have a hosted solution for customers like me?

Absolutely! We provide a hosting-as-a-service option for users eager to harness our tool. After a brief initial setup, Xmars can manage your AMC instance, granting you direct access to AMC data via Xmars AMC Hub.

Can I create an AMC audience using Xmars AMC Hub?

Yes. With AMC Hub's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create audiences using AMC data without any SQL queries or understanding complex data structures. Xmars AMC Hub Audience Creator feature is simple and intuitive allowing multiple conditions with flexible relationship settings.

What are the primary advantages of using Xmars AMC Hub?

Benefits of using Xmars AMC Hub include:

  • Easier AMC data analysis with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface, removing technical challenges.
  • Personalized AMC model creation for varying needs. Currently, Xmars AMC Hub offers six model templates tailored to address critical Amazon Ads challenges.
  • Fast and simple creation of custom audience groups using in-depth behavioral insights. Xmars AMC Hub offers seven pre-built models to streamline the audience creation process.
  • Combine proprietary data with AMC data to garner a richer understanding of your customers.

What is the cost of using Xmars AMC Hub?

Xmars AMC Hub is available via a monthly subscription, starting as low as $100 per month. For a detailed pricing structure, please book a free consultation with one of our experts.

Simplified Pricing

Simplified pricing  providing sellers the opportunity to explore value of AMC data
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