Xmars helps Jackery achieve 17% increase in reach and 13% more store traffic

increase in audience reach
growth in site traffic
reduction in CPATC

The Challenge

Jackery, a leader in portable solar-powered products, faced a significant challenge in their marketing efforts on Amazon. After achieving a near-saturation point with a 99% penetration rate within their core audience segment of Outdoor Generators & Portable Power, growth opportunities were dwindling. They needed to efficiently reach new audience segments beyond their niche to continue their upward growth trajectory while maintaining advertising efficiency and avoiding wasted ad spend.


The primary objectives set forth by Jackery included unlocking new audience segments with high conversion potential, optimize ad spend, and enhance Jackery's brand presence on Amazon to solidify its position as a leader in portable power solutions.

Our Solution

We employed a two-fold approach leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud's (AMC) analytical capabilities:

  1. Strategic Use of ASI Datasets: We made use of AMC's analytics to index Jackery's past purchasers against the entire Amazon shopper demographic, uncovering new audience interests such as Camping Furniture and Cycling Equipment.
  2. Creation of Custom Audiences: Developed custom audiences by leveraging machine learning to create Look-Alike profiles targeting users with behaviors mirroring past purchasers, and segmented high-engagement groups based on key metrics such as CTR, DPVR, and ATCR for increased conversion potential.
  3. Audience Activation: Activated custom audiences through tailored Amazon DSP campaigns with personalized messaging for each segment, strategically focusing on users in the consideration phase of the purchase journey for heightened relevance and impact.
"Using Audience Segment Insights with Xmars' guidance opened up new doors for us. We're uncovering valuable audiences that had previously been off our radar. It's not just about more reach, but smarter reach. This has reshaped how we view our advertising strategy, giving us more confidence for the future."

- Stella He, Digital Sales Director, Jackery USA


The strategic use of AMC led to substantial gains for Jackery:

  • Achieved a 17% incremental reach and a 13% increase in store traffic with the ASI-indexed audiences.
  • Compared to always-on campaigns, ASI-indexed audiences saw a 37.42% higher average CTR and a 57.83% increase in DPVR.
  • Significant reduction in Cost per Add to Cart (CPATC) by 45%.
  • Adjusted the ad budget to increase by 20%-30% for the new audience segments on an always-on basis.

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