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AMS's Transformative Impact on Advertising – The Power of Real-Time Data

AMS's Transformative Impact on Advertising – The Power of Real-Time Data

Xmars team

The dynamic nature of today's digital marketplace requires businesses to stay ahead of the curve, relying on valuable insights, advanced technologies, and real-time data to make strategic decisions. Recognizing the critical role of actionable intelligence, Amazon introduced a game-changing tool in 2022: Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS). AMS, capable of providing real-time updates on metrics such as web traffic, conversions, and ad spend, has become a cornerstone in the toolkit of many businesses. In this short yet comprehensive analysis, we explore how AMS functions and how Xmars leverages this tool to bolster brands' campaign performance on Amazon.

As digital marketing becomes increasingly intricate and competitive, brands need a blend of information technology and advanced technologies capable of responding in real-time to maximize their campaign efficiency. Unlike conventional APIs, AMS offers real-time data and keeps you abreast of changes as they happen. This unprecedented feature opens new opportunities for businesses to adjust their ad strategy in alignment with high conversion periods, ultimately leading to more successful customer engagement.

Let’s take a closer look at AMS’s four key pillars: Budget, Ad Efficiency, Traffic and Conversion.

The 4 Pillars of AMS

Budget Optimization: AMS provides real-time data on budget spend, enabling businesses to streamline their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and minimize Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS). Xmars utilizes this feature to keep a pulse on a brand’s conversion rate trends, allocating more budget to high-conversion windows. By integrating AMS into their strategies, brands are assured that their marketing budget is used optimally, always reaching the right people at the right time.

Ad Efficiency: Primarily focusing on Sponsored Product ads, AMS has greatly enhanced the ease of use and efficiency of campaign creation. AMS's capability to optimize keywords based on ad placement, combined with standard keyword optimization, provides Xmars with valuable insights into a campaign’s ad performance. This has set the stage for the incorporation of new metrics, such as Sponsored Display information.

Traffic Monitoring: AMS's comprehensive, up-to-date traffic reports enable Xmars to keep a close eye on the performance of active campaigns. The service also flags any potentially invalid clicks within the first 72 hours for validation. This rapid feedback loop has been instrumental in allowing Xmars to make quick campaign adjustments, thus reducing wastage on ineffective traffic sources.

Conversion Tracking: AMS offers detailed, hourly conversion data, attributed to sponsored product campaigns. Xmars leverages detailed, hourly conversion data attributed to sponsored product campaigns to optimize campaign strategies. These granular reports provide valuable insights, enabling Xmars to fine-tune marketing strategies and effectively drive conversions.

Operational Efficiency with AMS - The Xmars Advantage

One of AMS's significant advantages is its ability to drastically improve operational efficiency. Xmars has effectively utilized AMS's data to relay real-time messages to sellers, enabling them to keep tabs on hourly performance changes without resorting to time-consuming metric aggregations. Previously, Xmars had to compare metrics from APIs with historical data to spot differences. This complicated process has been significantly simplified by AMS. The system now pushes the differences directly to sellers, eliminating the need for manual tracking and comparison.

Moreover, AMS has empowered Xmars to react swiftly to changes in advertising campaigns. Using near real-time data, such as budget utilization, Xmars can develop responsive applications for further optimization, increasing advertising campaign budgets proactively to prevent premature depletion.

Timely, data-driven decisions can have a substantial impact on a campaign’s success. By fully harnessing the potential of AMS, Xmars helps brands optimize their ad spend and enhance operational efficiency, improving the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Additionally, the insights derived from AMS play a vital role in shaping Xmars' AI-driven strategies, contributing significantly to its robust performance on Amazon.

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