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Win big this Amazon Prime Day with Xmars AI Copilot

Win big this Amazon Prime Day with Xmars AI Copilot

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Amazon Prime Day 2024 is just around the corner and it is bigger than ever. If you're looking to leverage high traffic and conversion rates and stay ahead of fierce market competition, you need a high rapidly adjust and optimize your ads throughout the use AI for more effective advertising strategies to double your results, you’ve come to the right place!

Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon advertisers are facing numerous challenges this year. Competition with similar products is more intense than ever, and other platforms are also vying for attention. Stricter platform regulations and rising operational costs are making it tougher to maintain profitability. Additionally, the battle for traffic is becoming fiercer, making it vital for brands and sellers to have a strategic edge.

Despite these challenges, Prime Day offers unique opportunities. You can achieve significant sales growth, enhance brand exposure, and expand your customer base. It’s also an excellent time for product testing, data collection, and clearing out inventory.

Why AI is crucial for Prime Day success

In the face of these challenges, leveraging AI can provide a significant advantage. AI technology, and specifically Xmars AI Copilot, can help advertisers optimize their campaigns in real-time, making data-driven decisions that maximize efficiency and profitability. With the ability to handle complex variables and adjust strategies on the fly, AI ensures that your Prime Day campaigns are always performing at their best.

Benefits of using AI during Prime Day

Real-time dynamic bid adjustments

Xmars AI Copilot leverages AMS data to make real-time bid adjustments every 30-60 minutes. This ensures that bids are continually optimized in response to market changes, boosting ROI.

Optimized budget allocation

AI Copilot dynamically allocates budgets based on the performance and potential of different ad campaigns. This intelligent approach enhances ROI by ensuring your budget is spent where it can achieve the most impact.

Time savings

Daily data-driven optimizations of ASINs, keywords, structure, and targeting are handled seamlessly by AI Copilot. This not only increases effectiveness but also reduces the need for manual adjustments, saving time and labor costs.

Uncovering hidden opportunities with Amazon Marketing Cloud

AI Copilot conducts detailed optimization of all keywords, including Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) search terms and long-tail keywords, ensuring no conversion opportunity is missed. It also uses Sponsored Display (SD) retargeting for add-to-cart audiences and helps understand consumer purchasing behavior during promotional events.

Long-term optimization

AI Copilot quickly learns and accumulates experience during Prime Day, enhancing future optimization strategies and driving long-term success.

Do AI-managed ads perform better during Prime Day?

Advertisers can achieve precise ACOS control and comprehensive improvement in advertising efficiency when using AI Copilot. Our data revealed that:  

  • On Prime Day, the ACOS of AI-managed ads dropped by 10% compared to the previous week. During the event, these ads achieved an ACOS of 11%, much lower than the 15% for non-AI-managed ads. The week before Prime Day, AI-managed ads had an ACOS of 21%, compared to 23% for non-AI-managed ads.
  • AI management led to a remarkable 486% increase in average daily sales compared to the previous week, outperforming non-AI ads by 43%.
  • AI-managed ads also showed superior performance in CTR and CVR metrics, with CVR being 5% higher and CTR 0.3% higher than non-AI ads.

How to leverage Xmars AI Copilot during Prime Day

To make the most of Prime Day, advertisers need to tailor their strategies based on product inventory, seasonality, market capacity, profitability, competition, and product lifecycle.

Boosting top selling product sales

For top selling products, AI Copilot can predict consumer demand and lock key traffic, achieving high conversion rates during peak periods. Brands and sellers should prepare 30 days in advance, ensuring a complete ad structure, keyword strategy, and defining AI management strategies. After Prime Day, revert to daily strategies to control costs and budget.

Ensuring profit for mid-level products

During promotions, AI Copilot manages long-tail keyword placements by learning and analyzing historical data, expanding sales more precisely than manual operations. Focus on budget management for core and high-conversion keywords to maintain profitability.

Boosting rankings for high potential products

AI excels in keyword optimization and monitoring ad performance during promotions. Prepare the ad structure and keyword strategy 14 days in advance, using AI’s ranking lock feature to ensure precise advertising.  

Clearing inventory for general products

For general products, AI can handle various ASINs and ad campaigns efficiently. Confirm clearance products 15 days before Prime Day and develop a strategy. Manage ad budgets according to inventory and product conditions, promoting growth through Outlet Deals or setting bid caps for rapid clearance.

Download our free Prime Day Playbook entitled AI-Powered Prime Day: Your Guide to Record-Breaking Sales to learn how you can easily deploy AI to fully optimize your Prime Day strategies that will drive sales and increase reach.  

Use case: Prime Day strategy and AI effectiveness for top pet products brand

Seller background

Category: Pet Supplies

Market: US

Product Price: $30-50

Monthly Ad Spend: $10,000+ per month

BSR: Top 10

AI settings

This pet product brand created two managed groups. In Managed Group A consisted of the main sales-driving ad campaigns and Managed Group B was for new traffic-generating auto and manual ad campaigns. The target ACOS for Group A was set to 1.2 times the historical 14-day ACOS, while Group B had the same multiplier. The budget for Group A was increased by 200% and Group B by 100%.

During the promotion, ACOS decreased by 27.59%, ad sales increased by 315%, and the BSR ranking improved from Top 15 to Top 5.

Maximize your Prime Day success with Xmars AI Copilot

Xmars AI Copilot is designed to help Amazon brands and sellers achieve unparalleled success on Prime Day. With our advanced AI technology you'll be well-equipped to boost your sales and outperform the competition.

Ready to take your Prime Day strategy to the next level? Download our comprehensive guide, AI-Powered Prime Day: Your Guide to Record-Breaking Sales, and discover how to leverage AI for unprecedented results. Get in touch with our team today to start your journey towards Prime Day success!

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