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Setting campaign goals for effective Amazon DSP optimization

Setting campaign goals for effective Amazon DSP optimization

Xmars team

Amazon DSP is a powerful Demand-Side Platform that helps advertisers accurately target audiences using Amazon’s vast shopper data. However, before launching a campaign, clearly defining your objectives is key. We'll explore the various campaign goals available in Amazon DSP, understand why setting goals is so important, and cover helpful tips on choosing the right goals for your campaigns.

Amazon DSP campaign goals

Amazon DSP offers campaign goal options tailored to different brand objectives:  

Brand Awareness

If your goal is to enhance your brand's visibility, this is the perfect starting point. Think of it as your first introduction to a broad audience. Success is measured by metrics such as impressions (how many times your ad is shown) and reach (the number of unique users who saw your ad). Brand awareness campaigns are all about building familiarity and recognition, laying the groundwork for future engagement and conversions.


This goal focuses on sparking interest and encouraging potential customers to learn more about what you offer. Consideration campaigns often direct users to your brand’s website, specific product listings on Amazon, or informative landing pages. Metrics like detail page view rate (DPVR), video completion rate, and add-to-cart/add-to-wish list rate help gauge interest in your products.


The objective here is to drive sales or encourage specific actions from users. Conversion campaigns target audiences ready to make a purchase or take a desired action. Tools like Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Custom audience builder allow you to create custom audiences based on criteria such as DPVR, video completion rate, and add-to-cart/add-to-wish list rate. Remarketing capabilities also help target users who have shown interest in your products. Key metrics include conversion rate, which indicates the percentage of users who completed the desired action after seeing your ad.

Why does setting campaign goals matter?

Defining your campaign goals is the cornerstone of your Amazon DSP strategy. Clear goals provide a roadmap for your campaign, influencing everything from creative elements to audience segments and bidding strategies. Without a defined goal, your campaign might lack direction and struggle to achieve meaningful results.

Different goals require targeting distinct audience segments. For brand awareness, you might aim for broader reach, while consideration campaigns could target users with demonstrated purchase intent based on their browsing behavior or search history. Bidding strategies in Amazon DSP are tailored to achieve your desired outcome. Brand awareness goals might focus on maximizing impressions, while conversion-focused campaigns could use cost-efficient strategies prioritizing qualified clicks or conversions. Campaign goals also provide benchmarks for measuring success.

Aligning your metrics with your goals helps assess campaign effectiveness. For instance, a brand awareness campaign might track impressions and reach, while a conversion campaign would analyze metrics like conversion rate and cost per acquisition (CPA).

Choosing the right campaign goal

Consider your overall marketing objectives. Are you launching a new product and seeking brand recognition, or aiming to drive sales for an existing one? Your broader goals will guide you to the most suitable campaign objective for Amazon DSP.

Next, think about where your audience is in their journey. Are they just becoming aware of your brand, or are they ready to make a purchase? Aligning your campaign goal with where they are at in the conversion funnel will make your strategy more effective. Additionally, budget constraints matter. Brand awareness campaigns usually need a broader reach and can be costlier, whereas conversion-focused campaigns target a specific audience, potentially reducing costs.

Moving forward after setting campaign goals

After setting clear campaign goals, it's time to take the next steps to ensure your strategy is successful.  

  • Refine your target audience: Adjust your target audience based on your chosen goals. Use Amazon DSP’s audience insights and targeting options to reach the most relevant users.
  • Develop compelling creatives: Create engaging ad creatives that resonate with your target audience and align with your goals. For brand awareness, focus on visuals that capture attention and establish brand identity. Consideration-focused creatives might highlight product features or benefits, while conversion-oriented creatives should emphasize the value proposition and encourage a clear call to action (CTA).
  • Optimize your campaigns continuously: Don’t forget to continuously monitor and refine your campaigns. Amazon DSP provides robust reporting tools to track performance in real-time. Analyze metrics aligned with your goals and adjust targeting, bidding strategies, and creatives based on the insights you gather.

Enhance Amazon DSP campaigns with Xmars

Xmars enhances Amazon DSP campaigns with its advanced AI-driven solutions. By leveraging AI, Xmars provides deep insights into shopper behavior and ad performance, helping you make data-driven decisions for better targeting and optimization.

Setting up and managing campaigns is made easy with Xmars' user-friendly, no-code tools, which are ideal even for those without technical skills. Our comprehensive approach covers the entire customer journey, from brand awareness to conversion, combining manual creativity with AI automation for greater impact. This integrated strategy ensures that every stage of your campaign is optimized, driving better results and boosting overall performance.

Enhance your Amazon DSP campaigns by clearly defining your goals and aligning them with your marketing strategy. With Xmars' AI-driven solutions, you can effectively reach your target audience and optimize ad performance. Our user-friendly tools and deep insights simplify the process, delivering better results and making campaign management more efficient. Book a demo today and see how we can help you succeed. Contact us now!

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