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Xmars AMC Hub’s Custom Audience Creation tool

Xmars AMC Hub’s Custom Audience Creation tool

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Diving deep into Amazon's advertising toolbox? There's a ton to unpack there! Among these tools, Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) stands out as a beacon for brands and agencies, illuminating the path towards in-depth shopper insights. With its Custom Audiences tool, the horizon of AMC's potential broadens even further.  

AMC has consistently been at the forefront, enabling brands and agencies with deep insights and granular analysis. Notably, metrics such as New-to-Brand have proven invaluable in refining targeting strategies.  

The Custom Audiences tool amplifies AMC's significance for marketers. As highlighted by Amazon, this feature provides unparalleled opportunities to create diverse shopper groups for targeted DSP ads. Here’s a quick rundown:  

  1. Keywords: Target individuals who have searched for specific keywords after interacting with your ads.  
  2. Activity: Engage audiences like those who made a purchase half a year ago but haven't since interacted with your brand.  
  3. Lifetime value (LTV): High lifetime-value shoppers can be a distinct segment for more focused campaigns.  

With these custom groups, brands can analyze which ad campaigns yield the best results and move any custom audience from AMC to Amazon DSP for ads that truly resonate.  

A standout feature in AMC is the 'auto-refresh' for custom audiences. As new shoppers match your criteria, they're added in real-time. That means your audience list is always fresh!  

Expand horizons with Xmars AMC Hub’s Custom Audience Creation

With Xmars and AMC's capabilities combined, the horizon for custom audience creation is vast. Whether it's targeting first-time buyers, analyzing multi-touch attributions, or understanding time-to-conversion metrics, Xmars AMC Hub ensures precise and efficient audience segmentation without having to write a single line of code.  

Here's a glimpse of how brands can harness AMC Hub’s Custom Audience Creation:  

  • Optimal cross-selling: Identify and map sequential product purchases. For example, if data shows that after purchasing Product A and B, there's a high likelihood of interest in Product C, this intelligence can be leveraged. By forming an audience of those who acquired A followed by B, brands can push tailored ads for Product C via Amazon DSP.  
  • Consumer journey mapping: Lead your consumers down the best purchase route. If data reveals a high conversion rate for consumers viewing Ad A, then Ad B, strategize to serve them Ad C next.  
  • Broadened reach: Xmars AMC Hub’s Custom Audience Creation feature accommodates users who've only been exposed to specific ads. This means audiences can be built even if they haven't interacted directly with an ad or product page, creating more opportunities for strategic retargeting.  

Use case 1: Custom Audience Creation and Cross-Product Analysis

Leverage Xmars AMC Hub to discover cross-sell opportunities and craft new audiences accordingly. Here's how:  

Head over to the Cross-Product Association model template. In our example, you'll find that product B0773ZY26F has significant cross-sell appeal (figure 1). Now, if you look at the spider chart, the product B06XZTZ7GB stands out, doesn’t it? That’s because customers often opt for it after viewing the detail page of B0773ZY26F (figure 2). 

And here’s the actionable part: Using this knowledge, jump into AMC Hub's Custom Audience Creation. You can craft an audience of those who've viewed the detail page of B0773ZY26F but haven't yet explored B06XZTZ7GB (figure 3). Just like that, you’re equipped with a fresh audience segment, perfect for targeted cross-selling.  

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Figure 1: B0773ZY26F has the most cross-sell opportunities 
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Figure 2: B06XZTZ7GB has the most associated sales with B0773ZY26F 
A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated
Figure 3: AMC Hub Audience Creation

Use case 2: Audience Labels

If you’re looking to uncover new audience labels, Xmars AMC Hub makes it simple. 

In the AMC Model Gallery, there's a useful template named Audience Labels. Here, you can spot new audience tags that have been stellar in driving both traffic and sales. Take the bubble chart, for instance. Choosing CPP (cost per purchase) for the Y-axis and CPDPV (cost per detail page view) for the X-axis, you'll notice the bubbles near the bottom left are your top performers. What's even more impressive? Some of these high-performing labels aren't even on your radar yet (just check the target status up top).  

By integrating these into your DSP campaigns, you're setting yourself up for more efficient traffic and sales boosts. Think about the potential: scanning across various ASINs, DSP campaigns, and timelines without a hitch. And this is just a taste of how AMC Hub can unearth insights to refine your Amazon Ads performance. 

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Figure 4: Audience Labels Model Template 

Customizing your audience with Xmars

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, Xmars stays on its toes, keeping our partners a step ahead.

Speak to one of our experts or check our AMC Solutions to understand how fast and easy it is to make use of Xmars AMC Hub and Custom Audience Creation within your advertising strategy. Join us in this journey to redefine Amazon advertising!  

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