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Retarget cart abandoners with AMC Custom Audiences

Retarget cart abandoners with AMC Custom Audiences

Xmars team

Do you often find yourself browsing Amazon, loading your cart with goods, only to be distracted before completing your purchase? This common scenario not only affects shoppers but also represents a significant loss of potential revenue for Amazon sellers. The key to reclaiming these missed opportunities lies in effective retargeting strategies.

Typical advertising tools fall short in specifically targeting shoppers who leave items in their carts. Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Custom Audiences can bridge this gap, helping you reconnect with individuals who abandon their shopping carts on Amazon.

Understanding and targeting cart abandoners

On Amazon, cart abandoners are shoppers who place items in their cart but exit without completing the transaction. This behavior can stem from various causes such as distractions, second thoughts, encountering high unexpected costs, or technical difficulties. Some shoppers might also use the cart to bookmark items they're considering for a future purchase.

Addressing cart abandonment is a multi-faceted strategy that benefits businesses by tapping into an audience that has already expressed interest in your products, making them more likely to convert. Understanding and mitigating the reasons behind cart abandonment can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention. Engaging cart abandoners also helps businesses stay competitive in the fierce Amazon marketplace. Every recovered cart is a step towards higher profitability and market share.  

  • Revenue recovery: Cart abandonment equates to lost sales. By targeting these potential customers, businesses can recover significant lost revenue.
  • Leveraging existing interest: Since cart abandoners have already shown interest by selecting products, they are more likely to finalize a purchase when approached with targeted marketing.
  • Enhancing customer experience: Understanding and addressing the reasons behind cart abandonment can lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Competitive advantage: Staying competitive often means capturing every potential sale, making it vital to target cart abandoners.

How to engage cart abandoners using Xmars AMC Hub

AMC offers SQL-based analytics tools that enable sellers to create custom audiences through specific data queries. While Amazon provides a predefined query template for targeting cart abandoners, crafting effective custom queries can still be a technical and daunting task, even for experienced SQL users.

Xmars AMC Hub addresses this challenge by making AMC data accessible to anyone. It simplifies the process with an intuitive, no-code drag-and-drop interface, enabling sellers to easily create custom audiences without needing SQL expertise. This user-friendly approach allows sellers to harness the power of AMC’s detailed analytics to retarget potential customers effectively, optimizing advertising strategies and improving conversion rates.

Here’s how Xmars AMC Hub simplifies the creation of custom audiences through a series of automated and user-friendly processes:

  1. Data integration: Xmars integrates seamlessly with AMC, pulling in comprehensive data on customer interactions, including views, clicks, add-to-cart actions, and purchases.
  2. AI-powered analysis: The platform leverages AI and machine learning to analyze this data. It identifies patterns and segments customers based on their behaviors, such as cart abandonment, purchase history, and browsing activity.
  3. Custom audience builder: Through its intuitive interface, Xmars allows users to define specific criteria for their target audiences without needing to write SQL queries. Users can select parameters like time since the last visit, items viewed, or abandoned cart items.
  4. Pre-built templates: Xmars offers pre-built audience templates tailored for common retargeting scenarios. These templates can be customized further to meet specific campaign needs, streamlining the setup process.
  5. Real-time updates: The system continuously updates audiences in real-time, ensuring that the most relevant and current data is used for targeting. This allows for dynamic adjustments to campaigns as new data comes in.
  6. Seamless integration with campaigns: Once audiences are created, they can be easily integrated into Amazon DSP campaigns. Xmars ensures that these audiences are ready to be targeted through various ad formats, maximizing their impact.
  7. Detailed reporting and optimization: Xmars provides detailed reports on audience performance, offering insights into conversion rates, engagement metrics, and overall effectiveness. This data helps in optimizing future campaigns for better results.

Implementing a comprehensive retargeting campaign

Once you've identified your audience, the next step is to engage them with personalized marketing tactics that address their specific hesitations and encourage them to complete their purchases. This could mean offering discounts or crafting a compelling story around the products in their cart and sharing it through the most effective channels.

For instance, if price is a concern, you could offer strategic discounts or emphasize the product's superior value to justify the cost. Providing additional product details and highlighting benefits can also reassure customers about their pending purchases.

Another effective tactic is urgency and scarcity marketing, which can prompt quick actions by highlighting limited-time offers or low stock availability. Additionally, using A/B testing helps refine your strategy by allowing you to see which messages, timings, or ad designs resonate best with your audience.

By blending these elements, you can create a robust retargeting campaign that not only recaptures potential sales but also boosts overall customer engagement and satisfaction.


AMC Custom Audiences is a powerful tool for converting cart abandoners into buyers. By leveraging AMC's capabilities, sellers can turn nearly lost sales into actual revenue and build a base of loyal, returning customers. Xmars AMC Hub simplifies this process, allowing sellers to create and manage custom audiences effortlessly. By automating data analysis and integrating seamlessly with Amazon's ecosystem, Xmars AMC Hub enhances campaign performance, driving higher conversion rates and maximizing return on investment. This tool makes sophisticated retargeting accessible, enabling businesses to efficiently reclaim potential sales and improve overall customer engagement.

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