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Lock Ad Placements: A new approach to ranking high on Amazon

Lock Ad Placements: A new approach to ranking high on Amazon

Matt Yu

Navigating Amazon can be a bit tricky, especially if you want your products to stand out. But here's some good news: Xmars has updated its ‘Lock Ad Placements’ tool. Think of it as a smart helper that automatically adjusts where your product shows up in Amazon's search results, making sure your products get the spotlight they deserve.

Keep track of your ad placement in real-time

Imagine you want your product to be one of the first two things people see when they search on Amazon - a high-visibility section that could significantly boost your sales. The first step is to understand your current position in the ranking system, as this provides a baseline from which to strategize your climb to the top.

Now, a big part of how Amazon decides where to place your product is how much you're willing to bid for it. In simple terms, the more you're willing to pay, the better your product's position. But don’t just throw money at it; be smart about your bids. Every time someone clicks on your product, you pay the amount you bid. So, choose wisely.

Our rule-based automation tool makes this easy. It's like having an AI savvy friend who knows all about Amazon bidding. Just give it the basics: your campaign details, keywords, and product ID (that's the ASIN). Set it up once, and it'll diligently handle the bidding for you.

Want to get even more specific? You can tell the tool when to bid and where you'd like your product to show up - either at the 'Top of Search' (TOS) or 'Rest of Search' (ROS). And if you really want to go big, there's a 'Comprehensive Mode.' This means your product can pop up in both TOS and ROS, and even in the highly-rated section if it's already there. This feature essentially doubles your product's impressions for the same cost.

Using the ‘Lock Ad Placements’ tool is akin to a real-time market analyst who continuously monitors your product's ranking every 15 minutes, enabling rapid placement adjustments to stay ahead of competitors. The tool also monitors ranking results in up to 10 optional geographic locations through zip codes, providing a comprehensive view of your product's performance across various markets. - Matt Yu, Head of Product at Xmars

Just remember, the tool shines the brightest when you aim for the top spots. Setting a high bid for lower-ranked placements can lead to inefficient ad spend.

‘Lock Ad Placements’ is your secret weapon for mastering Amazon's ranking game. And guess what? We're always working to make it even better. With consistent improvements in the pipeline, this tool represents a significant investment towards optimizing your Amazon selling journey.

Dive in, give it a try, and don't miss our limited-time free trial offer. Go ahead and give your products the attention they deserve with Xmars!

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