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Introducing Xmars AMC Hub: Effortless AMC data

Introducing Xmars AMC Hub: Effortless AMC data

Xmars team

Want to grow sales on Amazon? You already know the deal; you have to be smart about where you spend on ads. This is where understanding Return on Investment (ROI) becomes crucial, ensuring you get optimum value from every dollar spent. And the foundation of this? You need customer behavior data to target your ads at shoppers who are most likely to actually buy your products. Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) consolidates this essential data for you.

But here’s the catch, AMC’s complex data architecture means you need to write some tricky SQL query code and know how to validate data, making it difficult to easily extract rich insights and create custom audiences that help achieve maximum ROI.  

So how do you become an AMC data wrangler without having to be fluent in database? The answer is Xmars’ AMC Hub. It's not just another tool, it’s the tool you want to conquer Amazon Ads likes a pro. Designed with simplicity at its core, the best part is it empowers even those without a technical background to navigate, comprehend, and extract value from AMC data. So, let’s dive into the transformative features of Xmars AMC Hub and how it’s flipping Amazon advertising on its head.  

Introducing Xmars AMC Hub: Your new superpower

Xmars AMC Hub is your new secret weapon for conquering the Amazon advertising scene. And here’s the kicker: you don’t need a tech degree to make the most of it. It is designed to democratize access to AMC data. By integrating an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, it eliminates the need for advertisers to write complex code and understand AMC data structures. Advertisers can now easily interact with data using straightforward pivot tables and charts that readily provide valuable insights.

Figure 1: Xmars AMC Hub Model Gallery

Drag-and-drop models for effortless insights

If you used AMC before, you’ve probably experienced how challenging it is to access data requiring SQL code and making sense of intricate data structures. Not anymore. The Xmars AMC Model Builder feature within Xmars AMC Hub is changing the game.  

Model Builder is not just about easy access—it’s about diving deep. Providing a deeper understanding of what’s working in your campaigns, how your audience is behaving, and what are the hot product trends. For those who are scratching their heads at where to start, AMC Hub incorporates six pre-built templates. These ready-to-go templates serve as the foundational toolkit for developing custom AMC models, eliminating guesswork, and ensuring a seamless transition from data analysis to strategic implementation. Additionally, you can upload your own first-party data to the AMC clean room environment and leverage the Xmars AMC Hub to create audience lookalikes, perform Lifetime Value (LTV) calculations, and customer segmentations.

Figure 2: Xmars AMC Hub Model Builder

No-code Custom Audience Creation

Want to craft audience groups with precision? AMC Hub's Audience Creation feature is your answer. Dive into customized audience groups based on behaviors like clicks and conversions—and the best part? No SQL coding required. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures you can set up these detailed audience groups in just a few minutes (refer to figure 3). What’s more, if you're looking for a quick start, we've included seven pre-made custom audience templates (see figure 4).

Figure 3: Building Customized Audience Groups

Figure 4: Audience Group Templates

Unlock the magic of Xmars AMC Hub

Whether you're a solo advertiser or part of a larger organization, Xmars AMC Hub is your ultimate sidekick. We are proud to announce that AMC Hub is offered A la Carte. You can choose the models and features that best suit your needs. We aim to ensure that every advertiser can make the most of their Amazon campaigns.

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