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How can you turn your products into Amazon best-sellers?

How can you turn your products into Amazon best-sellers?

Xmars team

Amazon is a powerhouse for sellers and brands, offering vast opportunities to reach millions of customers worldwide. However, the platform's competitive nature can be a double-edged sword, particularly in today's challenging business environment. With tightened marketing budgets, new sellers and emerging products face significant hurdles in gaining visibility and competing against established best-sellers.

Challenges for smaller sellers

Have you ever noticed how some products seem to dominate their categories on Amazon? These bestsellers often have an edge – consistently outperforming other products in terms of sales and reviews. This dominance creates a cycle where these products keep getting more attention and reviews, making it harder for new and innovative products to gain traction.

Larger brands contribute to this challenge by investing heavily in advertising, which increases competition and Cost Per Click (CPC). Their substantial budgets allow them to outbid smaller sellers, leading to higher visibility and more sales. Data shows that best-selling products frequently receive more positive reviews weekly, reinforcing their dominant position and making it even tougher for new products to succeed.

Strategies to overcome competition on Amazon

Beyond lowering ACOS

To find your way on Amazon and enhance visibility, consider the maturity of your product. During the launch phase, when brand awareness is typically low, a higher advertising budget is necessary to generate sufficient impressions. As the product matures, focusing on eliminating low-conversion-rate keywords can help optimize your campaign.

Understanding competition intensity

Amazon’s advertising operates on a second-price auction system, where increased competition drives up CPCs. Achieving a lower ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) can be challenging when facing many competitors.

Combining Amazon SEO and PPC

Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a vital marketing tactic for maintaining and improving organic rankings. Unlike Google, where advertising doesn’t affect organic rankings, Amazon’s organic ranking is directly influenced by sales. This makes PPC especially important for new listings that lack sales history and performance data, which can negatively impact their organic visibility. By using Amazon PPC to drive traffic to product listings, sellers can boost sales and, consequently, improve their organic rankings. Investing in PPC and effective PPC management is key to achieving and sustaining high visibility on Amazon.

Effective PPC campaign strategies

Amazon PPC campaigns typically offer two main targeting options:

  1. Manual promotion: Sellers manually select the keywords and specific products they want to promote. Ads are shown when a shopper’s search query matches any campaign keywords.
  2. Automated promotion with PPC software: Advertisers choose products to advertise and set a budget using a PPC automation tool. They provide an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), desired ACOS, and CPC bid. The AI leverages ASIN data to identify relevant keywords, enhancing visibility.

Larger companies typically have the resources to hire employees for tasks like website optimization and manual PPC campaign management. On the other hand, smaller business sellers often lack these resources. Fortunately, Amazon PPC management and advertising solutions software offer affordable and efficient platforms that simplify complex tasks and reduce costs.

In line with current trends, AI solutions are especially suitable for sellers with limited budgets and staff. A PPC automation tool can explore numerous search terms and product page listings to identify suitable products for promotion.

Transforming your Amazon sales with Xmars

Finding your way on Amazon’s competitive marketplace can be tough, but Xmars offers advanced solutions to give you an edge. Here’s how Xmars can help transform your products into best-sellers on Amazon:

  • AI-powered campaign optimization: Xmars uses advanced AI algorithms to manage and optimize your ad campaigns. This approach analyzes historical sales data and current market trends to tailor strategies that enhance performance. By using advanced targeting tools, Xmars ensures your ads reach the most relevant audiences, boosting conversions and maximizing ROI.
  • Full-funnel advertising tactics: To ensure your advertising resonates throughout the buyer's journey, Xmars employs full-funnel advertising tactics. From creating awareness to driving purchases, we use various ad types like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP. This comprehensive approach helps increase brand visibility and engagement.
  • PPC management solutions: Xmars simplifies Amazon PPC campaigns with robust management tools. These include predictive hourly bidding, automated keyword targeting, and budget auto-balancing. By leveraging AI-driven optimization and detailed insights, Xmars helps manage ad spend efficiently and maximize campaign impact.  
  • Competitive intelligence: Understanding your competition is key for success on Amazon. Xmars’ Competitive Intelligence features provide insights into your competitors’ strategies and performance. By analyzing competitor keywords, ad placements, and rankings, Xmars helps you stay ahead by optimizing your campaigns based on real-time data.
  • Real-time data and actionable insights: Xmars offers real-time data through its AI Action Summaries, providing transparency into your campaign's performance. This includes metrics like budget and bid optimization, keyword harvesting, and rapid testing. These insights allow for continuous improvement and more effective ad performance.

By leveraging Xmars' comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools, you can significantly enhance your product's visibility, optimize your ad spend, and transform your products into best-sellers on Amazon.  


While standing out as a smaller seller can seem challenging, with the right tools and strategies, it’s entirely possible to turn your products into bestsellers. Xmars provides the advanced solutions needed to enhance your visibility, optimize your ad spend, and outperform the competition. Whether it's through AI-driven campaign optimization, full-funnel advertising tactics, or comprehensive PPC management, Xmars equips you with everything you need to succeed.

Don't let the competition hold you back. Take the first step towards transforming your Amazon sales today. Get in touch with us or book a demo to see how our powerful tools can drive your success on Amazon!  

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