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Enhance share of voice and visibility on Amazon with AMC

Enhance share of voice and visibility on Amazon with AMC

Xmars team

Amazon’s organic search rankings can notably influence the success of your products. A pivotal metric that offers brands valuable insights into this visibility is Share of Voice (SoV). At Xmars, we recognize the importance of SoV, and with the integration of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), we are elevating the way brands understand and harness their SoV on Amazon.

The Power of Share of Voice

SoV definitions vary, but we like to define it as a measurement of how frequently your products—and those of your competitors—appear in Amazon search results.

Imagine this: Your product graces the coveted first page of Amazon search results. Suddenly, there's a 37% surge in sales. That's the power of visibility! With two-thirds of brands vigilantly observing their competitors' ranks, it's evident that the battle for Amazon visibility is fierce.  

Incorporate Ad Data for Comprehensive Analysis

When utilizing your SoV data, distinguishing between paid and organic rankings is vital. This allows you to not just pinpoint who ranks above you but also discern how often they're advertising and the relevant keywords.

Our thorough examination of SoV encompasses various attributes, including:

  1. List Price: The retail price of the product.
  2. Rating: We present both the aggregate number of reviews and the average score for every product on the first search page.
  3. Badges: We monitor badges, be it Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller, or any other distinction.
  4. Ad Campaigns: Identify if a brand is sponsoring a keyword campaign and the ad's nature, such as Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products.

The AMC Advantage

While organic search rankings and basic analytics offer a foundational understanding of your product's visibility on Amazon, AMC brings another dimension to your analysis. As a cornerstone of Xmars' services, AMC provides granular insights that can supercharge your SoV strategies.  

Here's a closer look at how:  

  • Data Richness: AMC offers in-depth, raw data on Amazon's retail and media metrics. This level of detail far surpasses standard dashboards, enabling brands to pull precise insights crucial for SoV, from search term impressions to conversions.
  • Tailored Reporting: Move beyond standard reporting. With AMC, correlate your SoV metrics with other data points, such as Purchase Frequency or Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), to create a holistic understanding of your brand’s Amazon positioning.
  • Extended Historical Insights: Track and understand long-term SoV trends with AMC’s expansive historical data. This is invaluable for recognizing seasonal shifts, the impact of past campaigns, and predicting future trends.
  • Spot Untapped Potentials: Identify high-impression, low-competition keywords. Targeting these can enhance your SoV without escalating ad spend.
  • Analyze Competitor Strategies: Dissect your competitors' strategies, from their targeted keywords to their ad spend, helping you anticipate market shifts.
  • Assess Campaign Impact: Gauge the effectiveness of your advertising efforts on SoV. This real-time feedback enables more agile and efficient campaign adjustments.
  • Deep Dive into Customer Insights: Combine SoV data with AMC's customer insights to determine which audience segments resonate most with your brand.
  • Refine through A/B Testing: Test varying strategies, from keyword choices to ad designs, and identify which elevates your SoV the most.

In a marketplace as dynamic as Amazon, having an advanced understanding of where your products stand is crucial. SoV provides that initial insight. However, with the integration of AMC, Xmars ensures that brands aren't just aware of their position but are empowered with the tools and data to optimize it.

Unlock unparalleled insights, understand your market positioning better, and craft data-driven strategies to dominate your niche on Amazon with our unique blend of SoV analysis and AMC integration. Reach out to us today or go to AMC Solutions for more information on how to grow your Amazon business!

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