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Avoid Common Amazon Data Management Mistakes

March 6, 2024
Xmars Team

When speaking with brands and their marketing teams about how they’re implementing data in their advertising strategies, we often come across a similar narrative: They have difficulties managing data, especially on Amazon. While many professionals might feel comfortable working with Amazon's data ecosystem, including API integration and executing SQL queries within Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), it's easy for even the most experienced data experts or teams to misunderstand some of Amazon's detailed operations.  

This misunderstanding emphasizes the importance of partnering with Amazon advertising solutions providers, which not only have the technical skills but also a deep understanding of how Amazon's marketplace works. Deciding whether to manage data challenges on your own or to get help from Amazon advertising specialists like Xmars, can significantly influence the effectiveness of your strategic approach.

What Are Some of the Most Common Data Management Issues on Amazon?

  1. Changing Amazon Ad Reports: Amazon's advertising reports are not static; their metrics can change, reflecting Amazon's 14-day attribution policy that links purchases to your ads within this timeframe. If these reports are not revisited and updated after this window, vital data might be missed. This oversight could lead to a skewed perception of an ad campaign's success.
  2. Making the Most of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC): While having SQL skills is useful, they are not enough to fully exploit the capabilities of AMC. The platform's design and privacy measures, aimed at safeguarding customer anonymity, introduces data retrieval complexities that can confuse even experienced SQL users. A thorough understanding of AMC's specific features, such as its aggregation thresholds that ensure customer data remains anonymous, is fundamental. These thresholds can prevent data retrieval if a query does not have enough customers, potentially leading to gaps in data.
  3. Piecing Together Diverse Data Reports: Amazon provides countless reports, rich in data but often fragmented and overwhelming. Successfully merging these varied data sources is crucial for understanding comprehensive insights. This challenge involves finding a common thread across different reports, a task that is often more complex than anticipated.  

Why Partner with Xmars?

Xmars offers AI-powered optimization solutions to tackle the challenges sellers and advertisers face in both managing and fine-tuning their ad campaigns on Amazon. By combining technology and a deep understanding of Amazon’s advertising ecosystem, we equip brands with the necessary tools, customized strategies, and expertise to address the technical challenges they face on the platform. So, how exactly does Xmars address the common Amazon data management challenges mentioned earlier?

Ensuring Amazon Ad Reports Are Up to Date

Xmars uses sophisticated AI technology to continuously monitor and refresh your Amazon ad reports. This system operates 24/7, analyzing performance data and making real-time adjustments. By ensuring that the data you access reflects the most current ad performance metrics, including clicks, impressions, conversion rates, and sales, Xmars enables you to respond promptly to market shifts, optimize your ad spend, and fine-tune campaigns for improved performance.  

Maximizing the Utility of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Dealing with AMC's rules and strict privacy guidelines can be tough. Xmars makes it easier by offering the right tools and know-how to help you find your way through AMC's detailed setup. Get the most out of AMC by uncovering valuable insights about how customers behave, how your campaigns are doing, and what's trending, all while keeping customer information safe. What’s more, you can do all this without any complex coding or SQL queries! Make smart, data-backed decisions without getting bogged down by the technicalities of AMC.  

Unifying Amazon Data Reports

Managing and interpreting Amazon data reports can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Xmars addresses this by aggregating and analyzing data from multiple sources, presenting a unified overview of your ad performance. This integrated approach enables you to understand how different components of your campaigns interact, identify trends, and discover insights that might be overlooked if these data sources were analyzed in isolation. Whether dealing with sales data, customer engagement metrics, or ad performance reports, Xmars consolidates this information into an accessible, and easy to understand format, helping you refine your advertising strategy.  

Other Key Features Offered by Xmars

• AI Driven Budget Allocation: Automatically redirects your advertising budget towards the most successful campaigns, enhancing efficiency and ROI without the need for manual intervention.

• Hourly Data Streaming: Offers almost real-time updates on campaign performance, providing detailed insights into ad effectiveness throughout the day and enabling swift strategic adjustments.

• AI-Piloted Campaigns: Employs AI to oversee entire advertising campaigns, from their creation to optimization, harnessing data-driven insights to maximize campaign outcomes and potentially achieve significant improvements in sales and operational efficiency.

• Simplified Data Analysis and Decision-Making: Converts complex Amazon data into clear, actionable insights, simplifying the decision-making process by making ad performance data more comprehensible without requiring extensive technical expertise.


Working with Amazon's advertising and sales data comes with its set of challenges. From keeping ad reports up to date to fully leveraging AMC’s capabilities, the hurdles are many. Solutions like Xmars offer a way to ease these challenges, providing tools and insights that can help brands manage their data more effectively. By assisting in streamlining data management and optimization efforts, our services and solutions enable brands to better understand their advertising performance on Amazon.  

If you’d like to know how Xmars could help you with your Amazon advertising and data management, schedule a call with us today!  

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