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Amplify brand and product reach with Amazon Sponsored Display ads

Amplify brand and product reach with Amazon Sponsored Display ads

Xmars team

If you're looking to make a splash on Amazon, a well-crafted pay-per-click (PPC) ad can be your golden ticket. By diving into Amazon's unique data and zeroing in on audience targeting, you can keep your product in the spotlight for potential buyers.

Ask any seasoned Amazon seller and they'll tell you about the power of Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads. They're great tools that push your product up in search results and give your brand a nice boost. But, there's a catch - their effectiveness fades a bit once shoppers click away from the product page.

Amazon Sponsored Display advertising: The inside scoop  

Have you ever felt like certain ads are tailing you online? That's no accident. This 'stickiness' can actually lead to more sales. What's special about Amazon's Sponsored Display ads? They go beyond just keywords. They focus on what consumers really like and do.

Amazon's smart technology picks up on consumer behavior. So, shoppers get to see Sponsored Display ads that feel right for them, whether on Amazon, on other product pages, or even outside the Amazon space.

The two predominant targeting strategies offered by Sponsored Display ads are product targeting and audience campaigns. Sellers have the option to retarget previous consumers of their advertised products, other sought-after products, and items from distinct retail categories. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Product targeting: This puts the spotlight on consumers eyeing similar or related products.
  • Audience campaigns: These aim to rekindle the spark with shoppers who've shown interest in related products in the past.

One stand out feature about Sponsored Display ads? Their placement. They're not hidden away. They're right where you'd want them to be: front and center, below the main highlights, or just a click away from the 'Buy Now' button. What’s more, if your product's out of the game for a bit, these ads are automatically paused.

Choosing between product targeting and Sponsored Display audiences  

Sellers aren’t confined to a single option. Use one, the other, or both to cast a wider net. Product targeting puts the focus on specific Amazon products or categories to ramp up sales. Meanwhile, Sponsored Display audiences use Amazon's deep data pool to catch any potential sales that slipped through the cracks or to build a stronger bond with the brand.

A closer look into Sponsored Display product targeting    

With Sponsored Display, picking the right products to promote is crucial. Your chosen product becomes the star of the show in your ad and all its related ads. So, make sure your listings shine with crisp visuals, clear titles, and enticing details.

You can shape your campaigns to either draw in more curious clicks or close the deal with sales. And since consumers often discover new gems through ads on products they're browsing, it’s important to select the correct rival products you wish to target. Moreover, consider promoting your own items with Sponsored Display, especially when customers are already interacting with your brand.

Amazon Sponsored Display audience campaigns: A peek behind the curtain    

Sponsored Display Audience Campaigns use Amazon's shopping signals to engage shoppers at every turn, both on and off Amazon. They're great for pulling in new customers and offering insights into how your brand is performing. They focus on:

  1. In-market: Aiming for shoppers who are almost ready to hit 'Buy'.
  2. Lifestyle: Looking at combined shopping and viewing patterns.
  3. Interests: Zooming in on regular browsing and buying habits.
  4. Life events: Reaching out during big life moments.

Why Sponsored Display ads are worth It  

Using Sponsored Display Ads might enhance your selling skills on Amazon. They open the door to Amazon's rich data, which is a treasure trove for making smart choices. They offer insights like sales figures, which, when paired with ad campaign information, make the Amazon selling journey smoother.

Spotting Sponsored Display ads  

These ads can be spotted on Amazon’s main page, product details, among shopping results, and even outside Amazon. Where they pop up depends on whether you're focusing on audience or product targeting.

Cost structure  

Sponsored Display ads follow a pay-per-click model. Payments are made only when customers click on ads. The pricing is also flexible, with options to adjust bids or hit pause on campaigns.

What about Amazon DSP ads?  

While we're mainly covering Sponsored Display ads on this blog, once you've got a handle on PPC ads like Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display ads, Amazon DSP is the next step up. It empowers sellers to buy ads programmatically and connect with audiences on and off Amazon. The capacity to delve into Amazon's data and track shoppers makes it a powerful tool.

How Xmars can boost Your Amazon Ads  

Amazon's got loads of tools and tricks to pump up your product's visibility, but it can be a maze. That's where Xmars comes into play:

  • Expertise in Amazon's ecosystem: With a profound understanding of Amazon's advertising mechanisms, Xmars can guide you in crafting the most impactful PPC ads, ensuring they resonate with your target audience.
  • Leveraging Amazon's first-party data: Tapping into Amazon's rich first-party data is essential for targeting. Xmars has the expertise to analyze this data, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audience segments.
  • Optimized Sponsored Display strategies: Xmars ensures your Sponsored Display ads are not just set but are continually optimized based on real-time data, maximizing ROI.
  • Tailored campaigns: Whether it's product targeting or audience campaigns, Xmars crafts bespoke strategies aligned with your brand goals, ensuring you reconnect with users effectively and bolster brand loyalty.
  • Budget management: With a keen eye on ROI, Xmars provides insights on budget allocation, ensuring you get the most out of every penny spent.
  • Exploring beyond Sponsored Ads: Once you've mastered the basics, Xmars can introduce you to advanced tools like Amazon DSP, harnessing Amazon's extensive data to expand your reach across platforms.


Sponsored Display ads on Amazon are game-changers, tailoring ads to user behavior beyond mere keywords. They maximize product impressions, ensuring your products don't just blend into the background. And if navigating this advanced ad landscape seems daunting, Xmars is here to help and guide you.  

With a deep understanding of Amazon's advertising intricacies, Xmars crafts impactful ads that resonate, taps into Amazon's rich data for precise targeting, and continually optimizes campaigns for best returns. If you're aiming for Amazon ad success, get in touch with our team of experts or go to our Amazon Advertising Solutions page for more information!  

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