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Amazon BFCM 2023 tips for maximized sales performance

Amazon BFCM 2023 tips for maximized sales performance

Xmars team

As the anticipation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) continues to build, the announcement of Amazon’s 11-day deals extravaganza starting November 17 has added a new layer of complexity—and opportunity—to the mix. To help businesses maximize their potential during this critical period, we've developed an actionable guide that will serve as your comprehensive roadmap to BFCM success.

Pre-BFCM: Laying the groundwork

Kickstarting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) strategy begins with a deep dive into last year's data. Look beyond just the highs and lows; focus on what really drove those outcomes. Were there surprise best-sellers? Did certain promotions fall flat? How did customer behavior veer from the usual?

With this detailed understanding, set clear, targeted goals. Rather than a vague aim like "boosting sales," zero in on specifics, such as aiming to increase sales by 30% with targeted promotions.

Budgeting smartly is crucial. Map out the 11-day BFCM timeline, deciding when to ramp up spending and when to scale back. You might want to push ads harder during peak traffic times or take advantage of quieter moments.

The extended deals period Amazon offers is a perfect opportunity for testing. Play around with your ad spend in the lead-up to BFCM. Try A/B testing on different days to find the sweet spot for your investment.

Don't overlook inventory management. Use last year's sales data to predict this year's needs and stock up accordingly. Have a backup plan for quick restocks to navigate any supply chain hiccups.

Lastly, SEO and keyword optimization can't be ignored. Keywords like "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" are goldmines for attracting search traffic. Weave these into your listings and ads to maximize your reach during the busiest shopping days of the year.

During BFCM: Focus on the frenzy

For the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, the key is strategic execution. Ensure your budget is tuned to maximize visibility on these crucial days. Get creative with flash sales, timed promotions, and spotlight deals to spark a sense of urgency among customers. Alongside this, lean into data-driven marketing by making the most of Amazon Marketing Stream. This allows you to adjust your strategies on the fly, using real-time data to fine-tune your bids and promotions, keeping you one step ahead in the dynamic and competitive BFCM landscape.

Post-BFCM: The follow-through

After the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, it's time to smartly realign your budget, adjusting your ad spend to match the post-BFCM market landscape. This helps avoid unnecessary expenses while keeping you competitive. Concurrently, take a deep dive into your campaign data, analyzing everything from sales figures to customer interactions. Understanding what strategies hit the mark and which missed is key to refining your approach for future events.

Moreover, don't miss the opportunity to turn the many one-time BFCM shoppers into loyal customers. Implement a retargeting strategy using personalized follow-ups, enticing offers, and loyalty programs, to keep them coming back long after the sales end.

Leveraging Xmars for BFCM Success on Amazon

In the midst of the bustling preparations for BFCM, Xmars services emerge as an essential ally for Amazon sellers. Here's how partnering with Xmars can elevate your readiness and performance:

  • Data-driven insights: Tap into advanced data analytics tools to dissect last year’s BFCM data. These insights can help you identify which products to feature, optimal pricing strategies, and customer purchasing patterns.
  • Xmars ad management: With our sophisticated ad management solutions, you can automate and optimize your PPC campaigns. Xmars’ machine learning algorithms analyze real-time data, adjusting bids and targeting to ensure your ads cut through the noise during the most competitive times.
  • Keyword and SEO tools: Leverage SEO tools to uncover the most impactful BFCM-related keywords and integrate them seamlessly into your product listings, enhancing visibility and driving traffic.
  • Enhanced listings: Use listing optimization features to refine product descriptions, images, and features, which are crucial for converting interested browsers into buyers during the BFCM event.


Conquering the extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is about much more than just reacting to trends—it's about proactive preparation, strategic planning, and thoughtful execution. This short guide is designed to walk you through the bustling season, ensuring that you're ready to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. From data analysis to inventory management and from SEO optimization to post-event analysis, each step is a piece in the puzzle of your BFCM success.

Tools and services like Xmars are here to enhance your advertising efforts, providing support where you need it most. With a clear understanding of your goals and the right resources at your disposal, you can transform this busy sales period into a triumph!  

For a deeper understanding of how to seamlessly incorporate these elements into your BFCM game plan, please contact our team of experts.

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