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A Quick Guide to Keyword Harvesting for Amazon Advertising

May 10, 2023
Xmars Team

The effective management of keywords and ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) in your Amazon ad campaigns can significantly improve product visibility and profitability. This strategic process, known as keyword harvesting, can be divided into two core types: positive and negative keyword harvesting. Both types rely heavily on the search term report to identify profitable keywords and optimize campaign performance.

Given that approximately 70% of Amazon customers never navigate beyond the first page of search results, regularly conducting keyword harvesting is crucial for ensuring that your products are seen by potential customers. Let's dive deeper into these two methods.‍

Positive Keyword Harvesting

Positive keyword harvesting focuses on identifying the keywords and ASINs that generate the most profit, then increasing their visibility. Successful customer search terms or ASINs are transferred to other campaigns or ad groups with higher bids, boosting sales and enhancing the overall performance of your account.

This process applies to both auto and manual campaigns. In manual campaigns for Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands, you can target broad, phrase, and exact match types. Each serves a different purpose and can have varying bids based on their potential impact. The bid should reflect the level of traffic, with narrower keywords having higher bids, while broader keywords have lower bids.

Auto campaigns, on the other hand, rely on Amazon's algorithm to identify relevant keywords and competitors' ASINs. Advertisers analyze the results and conversions of auto campaigns, assigning successful keywords to manual campaigns in all three match types with higher bids.

‍Negative Keyword Harvesting

Negative keyword harvesting involves identifying and excluding unprofitable customer search terms or ASINs from campaigns. This is done by adding them to the negative exact to reduce unprofitable spending and increase account profitability. However, be cautious when conducting negative keyword harvesting, as search terms may perform well in one week but fail to generate sales in another!

A comprehensive keyword harvesting strategy plays a crucial role in improving overall account metrics, reducing costs, increasing sales, and enhancing profitability. While automated tools can assist with the harvesting process, understanding the manual process of keyword harvesting, including its purpose and methodology, is vital.

‍Harnessing AI for Keyword Harvesting

Leveraging automatic advertising campaign to harvest keywords doesn't require the advertiser to provide an initial list of keywords. Instead, Amazon's advertising platform explores potential keywords for the advertised product. Reports generated from these campaigns provide insights into keyword performance, which can then be analyzed and added to manual campaigns if they prove to be high-performing.

Xmars' AI-powered solution delivers a fully automated experience. All you need to do is activate Autopilot for a target ACoS, and our AI system will handle the rest. It optimizes bids daily, uncovers keywords, migrates keywords between auto and manual campaigns, and adjusts bids based on peak and off-peak hours.

One key feature is the flexibility it offers sellers in determining how many keywords are automatically incorporated into their ad groups, based on various criteria. Sellers also have the capability to set keywords and search terms to be transferred from Auto Campaigns to Manual Campaigns.

Optimizing Listings for Customer Search

To ensure that your products are discovered and purchased by customers, your listings must be optimized. Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the information (title, description, etc.) that you provide for a product. Therefore, providing relevant and complete information for your product can increase your brand’s visibility and sales.

Improving your product details page and using strategic search terms are essential aspects of this process. Each word in the product title is searchable on its own, so detailed, descriptive titles are more effective. Furthermore, Amazon provides an opportunity to add search terms for your products. These should include generic words that enhance the discoverability of your product.

When taking your Amazon business to an international level, ensure you customize the title, bullet points, and description for each marketplace. A simple translation isn’t enough. Research and implement country-specific keywords and regularly update them according to customer search patterns in different countries.

In Conclusion

When selling on Amazon, the success of your ad campaigns can hinge on effective keyword harvesting and optimization. Making use of AI-driven tools like Xmars to automate your processes, alongside diligently optimizing your product listings for customer search, can significantly improve your product's visibility and drive your revenue growth. These strategies are essential tools in your arsenal, whether you're a novice or a seasoned seller on Amazon.


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