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Off-Grid Solar Systems Brand Shines on Amazon: Analyzing Brand Performance with AMC

July 13, 2023

How we Succeeded

Challenge Sales

New eyewear seller struggled generating the flywheel effect and converting shoppers. Sales were minimal and their products didn’t have enough reviews to warrant aggressive spend.


Increase sales while reducing ad spend.


  1. Identified a moderately aggressive promotion to offset the lack of reviews
  2. Utilizing single-ASIN ad groups and the separation of match-types by campaigns, deployed a precision-driven strategy that applied learnings from harvesting tactics
  3. Leveraged Xmars rules and dayparting to reduce waste and maximize efficiency throughout the day


The Challenge: Doubts in Amazon Ad Effectiveness

A renowned provider of off-grid solar systems had been aggressively cultivating their brand visibility on Amazon. Yet, there was uncertainty around the return on investment (ROI) and a noticeable void in robust measurement metrics for their promotional campaigns. The pressing need to authenticate the effectiveness of their advertising and branding efforts prompted them to seek a comprehensive examination of their marketing strategies.

Approach and Solution: The Strategic Use of AMC

Amazon Path to Conversion Analysis

To tackle this challenge, we made strategic use of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), a powerful analytics tool designed to optimize marketing initiatives on Amazon. The objective was to discern the correlation between top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) and bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) campaigns. This task was executed in three key stages:

  1. Firstly, we conducted a meticulous assessment of Sponsored Brands Video (SBV) awareness initiatives. The analysis uncovered an exceptional 15X surge in conversion rates following the implementation of these campaigns, showcasing the potential impact of well-executed TOFU strategies.
  2. In the subsequent phase, we applied our proprietary 'Path to Conversion' model, an AMC-enhanced tool that traces the customer journey from initial brand interaction to the final purchase. This process allowed us to pinpoint instances where awareness campaigns, even if not the final touchpoint, played a significant role in driving customer engagement.
  3. Lastly, a systematic funnel analysis was carried out to identify the proportion of the audience progressing from the awareness stage through the consideration phase and, ultimately, to the conversion point. This exercise provided a granular view of customer progression and helped identify any potential drop-off points in the customer journey.

The Results: Validating Advertising Efforts and Optimizing ROI

The extensive AMC-centered analysis demonstrated the substantial impact of the client's awareness campaigns, successfully engaging a notable 2.4 million unique users. The strategic brand study optimizations contributed to a positive shift in brand preference, moving from 2% to a healthier 3%. Moreover, there was an encouraging increase in conversion rates from 7% to 9%, highlighting the effective return on the client's Amazon advertising investments.

This deep-dive analysis, driven by AMC's robust capabilities, reinforced the client's confidence in their Amazon marketing efforts. It offered invaluable insights into the potential areas of optimization, leading to a sophisticated understanding of their brand performance, consumer behavior, and the interplay between different stages of the advertising funnel. Equipped with this knowledge, the brand can now develop more precision-targeted strategies to enhance conversion rates, optimizing their Amazon advertising ROI.



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