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Greenworks' Ad Sales Soar by +177% and ROAS by +344%

December 4, 2023

How we Succeeded

Challenge Sales

New eyewear seller struggled generating the flywheel effect and converting shoppers. Sales were minimal and their products didn’t have enough reviews to warrant aggressive spend.


Increase sales while reducing ad spend.


  1. Identified a moderately aggressive promotion to offset the lack of reviews
  2. Utilizing single-ASIN ad groups and the separation of match-types by campaigns, deployed a precision-driven strategy that applied learnings from harvesting tactics
  3. Leveraged Xmars rules and dayparting to reduce waste and maximize efficiency throughout the day


The Challenge 

Greenworks, a leading brand in eco-friendly electric outdoor power equipment and tools, successfully scaled up in the first quarter of 2023.Building on this success, the company now focused on increasing the digital presence of its emerging product lines, including power tools, vacuums, and outdoor sprayers on Amazon. This strategy aimed to enhance brand visibility and drive sales, while also ensuring optimal spending throughout the second quarter of the year. 


The task at hand was straightforward yet pivotal. For quarter two, we aimed to make the most of every available dollar by strategically investing in the platform and tactic that demonstrated the best performance for each emerging category. This approach was designed to fortify Greenworks' market stance and optimize return on ad spend (ROAS). 

The Strategy and Solution 

Drawing on our collective experience and expertise, we knew that a shift in perspective was essential. Instead of assessing each platform in isolation, we embraced a holistic approach, comparing performance across the marketing funnel at the tactical level. The intent was to reallocate budgets between platforms to harness maximum efficacy. 

Our strategic execution unfolded in three key phases: 

  1. Analyzing Performance: We delved deep into each category’s data, breaking down performance across different funnel phases. This allowed us to identify the most impactful tactics for each category, utilizing both shared (ROAS, sales) and unique KPIs (NTB, branded searches). 
  2. Weekly Consultations: in regular dialogues with the client, we evaluated the pacing and performance of each category. This collaborative effort enabled us to consider and implement shifts in budget allocation between tactics and platforms, aligning with our overarching goals. 
  3. Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC): By exploring AMC modules, particularly focusing on path-to-purchase and cross-product purchase analysis, we unearthed long-term data trends not immediately apparent in ad consoles. This insight provided a valuable opportunity to reevaluate and adjust any previous budgetary decisions. 


The strategic approach to focus on a holistic view of performance and tactical budget allocation paved the way for substantial growth in quarter two: 

  • Ad Spend: +87% QoQ, -38% YoY.
  • Ad ROAS: +43% QoQ, +344% YoY .
  • Ad Sales: +168% QoQ, +177% YoY.
  • Shipped COGS: +67% YoY.

By emphasizing tactical budget allocation, the brand successfully scaled while optimizing returns. A key takeaway from this campaign was uncovering that significant progress could be achieved without drastic shifts in platform spend. The emphasis on refinement at the tactical level emerged as a cornerstone for success. 

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