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Grow your Sales
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Master e-commerce marketplace advertising - Amazon and beyond

Goal-based campaigns optimization |  Predictive hourly bidding |  Budget auto-balancing
Automated keyword harvesting and negating |  Hourly data streaming

Automatic bidding, budgeting, keyword harvesting and more

Take the mystery out of e-commerce marketplaces. Our AI analyzes granular marketplace data to continually optimize your ad strategy.

Smart campaign creation in 1 minute

Based on set ACoS goals, budget allocation, targeting, and bid recommendations, the Xmars AI builds smart campaigns within 1 minute

AI-piloted campaigns with up to 180% improvement in sales

Utilizing data models to project performance, Xmars adjusts campaigns to maximize results while minimizing spend


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Jim Smith

AI-driven budget allocation with up to 70% reduction in ACoS

Waste no budget on low performing campaigns and time windows, Xmars AI allocates budget to be more cost-effective

Why Xmars, from leading brands on Amazon

“We have been using Xmars for almost a year, and it has been very helpful for us to observe and analyze the investment of advertising costs and to refine our data, resulting in significant savings in advertising expenses.”

“It is very easy to see the changes in advertising data, right down to the ad type level. We can monitor changes in sales and order volume anytime and anywhere, and the charts are also very intuitive, which helps us with data analysis.”

“Data visualization is very convenient, clearly displaying trends in advertising metrics and comparisons with historical data. In addition, the monthly updated AMC data is helpful for us to make strategic decisions.”

“Xmars has improved our advertising analysis efficiency and effectively helped us identify problems in our ad spend. At the same time, the rich data allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of our audience and how to optimize accordingly.”

“The features and data are quite comprehensive, with intuitive selection of different advertising data. Reporting updates are timely and the platform is reliable.”

“Xmars is an intelligent advertising platform with an easy to use interface and clear data analysis, making it a good ad management solution. It also provides third-party data to give us a hollistic view of our business.”

“The interface is beautifully designed, with intuitive data that allows us to view advertising spend and performance data of each strategy at any time.”

“Overall, Xmars user experience is quite impressive. The data presentation is easily understandable through charts and the modules are both clear and user-friendly. Additionally, the multi-dimensional data insights provided by AMC are instrumental in enhancing brand peformance.”

“Using Audience Segment Insights with Xmars' guidance opened up new doors for us. We're uncovering valuable audiences that had previously been off our radar. It's not just about more reach, but smarter reach. This has reshaped how we view our advertising strategy, giving us more confidence for the future.”

85% of campaigns managed by AI resulted in improved performance

Xmars artificial intelligence performance beats effectiveness and efficiency of other platforms

Average ACoS decrease
Average ROAS increase
Time saved from ad operation
Average sales increase

85% of campaigns managed by AI resulted in improved performance

Xmars artificial intelligence performance beats effectiveness and efficiency of other platforms

Average ACoS decrease
Average ROAS increase
Time saved from ad operation
Average sales increase

Boost margins with advanced tools that help you consistently sell more

Continually track campaigns using granular log and event-level data

Predictions based on analysis usually available only via expert data scientists allow ad performance to be continually adjusted, developing a closed-loop process of continual improvement.

dashboard icon
AI Performance Dashboard

Monitor what actions your AI is taking 24/7 for maximum
transparency, accountability
and trust

smart campaign creation icon
Smart Campaign Creation

Create a smart, AI-powered
campaigns within a minute

Optimization icon
AI Optimization

Optimize at campaign level,
including automated bid
adjustment, automated budget allocation, automated keyword harvesting and neglecting

Product lifecycle management helps you maximize revenue

Manage and categorize all your ASINs in one place. Media plans are created automatically based on different product lifecycles.

Product Line and Lifecycle

Manage ad perfomance at
product line level

Competitive ASINs Automatic

Know how your closest
competitors perform

Audience Groups Automatic

Identify the right audience for
the right product at the right

Manage advertising more efficiently

Enhance efficiency of advertising operations, support multi-dimensional data analysis of cross-channels, and track continuous performance

Efficiency Tools
  • Bulk operation
  • Labelling system
  • Hourly data
  • Cross-channel data analytics including DSP
  • Comprehensive automation
Let in-depth data support decision-making and
provide business value

Visualized data reporting helps you fully understand what sales are driven by different types of ads as well as their performance over time

ad icon
Media Ad Creation
Automated Creative
Enablement across ad types
Creative Analytics
Maximize growth using a multidimensional data

Xmars provides 12 out-of-the-box, self-service marketing analyses which generate valuable insights to guide you and the AI to continual improvement

12 Pre-built AMC Models
  • Unique Reach
  • Overlap Analysis
  • Optimal Frequency Analysis
  • Day-parting Analysis
  • Geographic Analysis
  • Audience Demographics
  • Time To Conversion
  • Path To Conversion
  • New To Brand
  • Branded Searches
  • Audience Labels Analysis
  • Cross-product Associated

Reap the benefits of:


  • AI autopilot
  • One-stop management of Amazon full-funnel advertising
  • Artificial neural network for rigorous prediction
  • Collaborative filtering that enables highly relevant targeting
  • Natural language processing (NLP) that identifies competitors

Data Insights

  • AMC marketing models - 12 unique, out of the box, log level reports
  • Data aggregated into visualized reports for deeper analysis
  • All data securely managed with AWS services
  • 2-2.5 billion data logs refreshed in real time
  • One of the first platforms integrated with AMC data


  • Thousands of clients with many of the top category
    brands on Amazon
  • Amazon Advanced Ad Partner
  • Third largest agency of DSP spend under management
    with Amazon
  • Over 400 employees with over 100 engineers and data


  • User-friendly interface
  • Ad placement locker
  • Rank tracker
  • Competitive monitoring
  • Continuous Competitive Monitoring
  • Low latency, real-time data streaming
  • Expert-designed system for maximum efficiency
  • Flexible SOP methodology
  • Streamlined management of ad creative

XMARS provides full-funnel intelligent ads management, from awareness to purchase, allowing advertisers to continually optimize their ad spend across various ad types.

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